My VIP is a subscription based group, a payment before entry platform running monthly as:

βœ…Basic VIP
&10 /Ksh 1000

πŸ’₯ Access to 5 market options

πŸ’₯ Expert Picks Daily

πŸ’₯On call analysis of your favorite jackpot.

β™» Management
Weekly Plan-KSH500.00
πŸ’₯2 Weeks Plan – KSH800.00
πŸ’₯3 Months Plan – KSH2,500.00
πŸ’₯6 Months Plan – KSH5,500.00
πŸ’₯1 Year Plan – KSH10,500.00

βœ…Silver VIP πŸ₯ˆ
$20 /Ksh 2000

πŸ’₯Access to ALL Market categories.

πŸ’₯2 set of Expert Picks

πŸ’₯Daily Access to Jackpot Tips

πŸ’₯Detailed Analysis.

β™»Weekly Plan – KSH1,250.00
πŸ’₯2 Weeks Plan – KSH1,700.00
πŸ’₯3 Months Plan – KSH5,000.00
πŸ’₯6 Months Plan – KSH10,000.00
πŸ’₯1 Year Plan – KSH20,000.00

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Gold VIPπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ₯‡
$50 (HTFT & DRAWS)

Payment Methods
Western union

Contact us before making any payment.
Text/Call/Whats App +254792075705
Email us via
Mpesa transactions to +254792075705.
Name :Victor

Free WhatsApp Platform

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